Kale Chips

I often buy kale and don’t get much chance to eat the whole bag before it gets funky. I like to buy the precut and washed kale because, well, with some things I am okay being lazy. 

I decided to use today, a rainy day off from work, as a chance to catch up on a few things and take the opportunity to make some snacky stuff to have around. It’s the “holiday season” so, clearly, this means everyone must make everything as fatty and sugary as possible so I can gain all the weight back that I worked so hard to drop. Also, this means my food inhibitions go on the vacation I don’t get to have. Blarg.

Several years ago, I received a food dehydrator as a gift. It sat forever in storage until recently. Roomio and I have been experimenting with making beef jerky with some good results. That, however, is another entry entirely.

While I nibbled on leftover homemade-from-scratch pizza and drank copious amounts of rum and Coke, I decided that making kale chips was not only a good idea, it was my duty as a food nerd. 

I made three flavors: salt and fig infused vinegar, salt and pepper, and soy sauce. They are currently pirouetting in the dehydrator and making the house smell amazing. This, I promise, is only the first of several delicious dehydration experiments.





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