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Cooking with Grains

Posted in Uncategorized on June 7, 2012 by thekytchnwytch

Cooking with grains is really easier than people think it is.  Grains were the first kinds of food that humans domesticated.  It is really a good thing to learn how to cook fresh rather than to use pre-made or pre-processed products such as minute rice and frozen “healthy” dinners.  Many grains other than just rice can be made in a rice cooker.  They just take a little bit of tweaking.  I HIGHLY recommend that if you don’t own ANY OTHER SMALL APPLIANCE, do yourself an amazing favor and get yourself a rice cooker.  Once you start using it, you’ll wonder how the fabric of the universe maintained itself before them.

Some folks get hung up on exact measures. Well, in baking that’s crucial. In cooking, not quite so much. Cooking usually leaves a LOT of wiggle room and can be very forgiving. I much prefer the use of ratios. Rather than saying “one cup of grain to two cups of water”, I’d rather say “one measure of grain to two measures of water”. That’s easier to remember when converting a recipe up or down in servings. So, of the grains below, the measures are actually ratios.

Rice Depending on the type, rice takes a different ratio of grain to water.  White rice is 1:2.  That is, one cup of rice to two cups of water. Brown rice is about 1:2.5.

The rest are the ratios I use. Depending on whether I cook the grain with something else will alter the liquid needed, but it’s somewhat of a “just watch it and adjust accordingly” kind of thing.

Amaranth 1:3

Barley 1:3

Buckwheat 1:2

Bulgur 1:2

Millet 1: 2.5

Quinoa 1:2